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Sommerfrische (Dieses Turnier hat schon stattgefunden)
3.08.2019 (2 Tage) - Turnier - Soft Mixed - Rasen
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   Webseite: http://ultimatecentral.com/e/lok-stoli-sommerfrische-2019
   Ansprechpartner: Jakob Wöckinger

    Mundenham bei Salzburg

   Übernachtung: keine Übernachtu
   Teamgebühr: 120 €
   Spielergebühr: 25 €

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   Sommerglühen (in Hannover)
   Interflug (in Berin)
   Isartauchen (in München)




Ahoy Teams!

We are happy to inform you, that you’ve successfully boarded your crew to the Ultimate summer getaway: The Lok Stoli Sommerfrische 2019!

The next few tasks on your cruise are as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, especially for a captain like you! (Please until 21.07.)
- Right away: Please send me a quick response so I know your team is really setting sails to Mundenham this summer! Alternatively, a message in a bottle will do.
- Send some of that sweet club gold over to our harbor!

More specifically: 120€ Teamfee + 5x25€ Playersfees (in total 245€) to our club account:
Andreas Blöschl
Reference: „Sommerfrische 2019 + Teamname“

Also, I need some more details on your fine crew:
- How many members are sailing to Mundenham?
- Which menus shall our cabin crew prepare for you? (Meat: Turkey with Vegetables, Veggie: “Krautfleckerl” – no accurate way to describe really, basically Austrian cabbage pasta | Both with extra salad)
- When are you guys setting anchor in Mundenham? (Fr evening/Sa morning?)
- Do you guys need our best captains to shuttle you from the train station in Obertrum (nearest public transport) to Mundenham? (If yes, how many and when?)

The fearless conquerers of the Innviertel
Friss die Frisbee
Gronical Dizziness
Lok Stoli
Raabtal Renewables
Styrian Hawks
Ultimate am See (The experience at sea will surely be in your favor!)
Wiener Mischung
Winona Raiders (Yo ho ho, do you guys have one hell of a teamname!)

If your mind is as sharp as your saber you might already have guessed it: This year’s party theme is “Shady Nights of Mundenham Bay – The Pirate Partay!”
So don’t spare on that eyeshadow and start stuffing your parrots – Let’s sink this ship!
(Yes, this is a theme party. Yes, costumes are very well appreciated!)

If you have any questions or didn’t quite catch any of my whacky pirate references, please contact us at any time under sommerfrische /at/ lokstoli.at!

We are looking forward to have you!

May the winds be every in your favor,

Jakob for Lok Stoli
PS: Your Pirate Lingo is worse than a Landlubber‘s sailing? Batten Down the Hatches, cause I got ye covered: http://www.piratevoyages.com/pirate-lingo

Betreff: [drehscheibe] Lok Stoli Sommerfrische 2019
Datum: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 20:34:47 +0100
Von: jakob.woeckinger /at/ gmail.com [drehscheibe] <drehscheibe-noreply /at/ yahoogroups.com>
Antwort an: jakob.woeckinger /at/ gmail.com
An: drehscheibe /at/ yahoogroups.com
Kopie (CC): sommerfrische /at/ lokstoli.at

Liebe Drehscheibe,

voller Freude darf ich euch die 4. Edition unserer Lok Stoli Sommerfrische ankündigen.

Am 03. und 04. August heißts im schönen Mundenham wieder: Sommer, Sonne, Sidearmhuck!

Das Wichtigste in Kürze:
03.-04. August 2019
Soft-Mixed (min. 1 Dame auf der Linie)
Registrierung bis: 07. Juli 2019
Teamfee: €120
Playersfee: €25

Genauere Infos findet ihr auf Ultimate Central: http://ultimatecentral.com/e/lok-stoli-sommerfrische-2019

…und im dazugehörigen Facebook-Event: http://facebook.com/events/413525859460961

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

LG Jakob für Lok Stoli

UltimateAmSee    (vom Verein DJ Dahlem)
2 Frauen (von mind. 2)
UaS Lisa
Soul Jule
7 Männer
DJ Debil
UaS Patrik
Soul David M
UaS Emil
DJ MatriX
Soul Lukas
Soul Florian K
Noch 6 freie Plätze
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