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19.07.2016 EYUC U17 in Gent, BE   Turnierdaten und Spielerliste Turnierwebseite
U17 Open Deutschland belegte Platz 3 beim Ultimate
von DJ Debil
U17 Open Tschechien belegte Platz 9 beim Ultimate
von DJ Debil
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Bericht von DJ Debil vom 09.09.2016

Video Good Vibes /at/ European Youth Ultimate Championships 2016: http://vimeo.com/181845382

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 01.08.2016

Lucas mit Nationalteam Tschechien: http://facebook.com/gethorizontal/photos/10154499360847652
Sebi mit deutschem Nationalteam: http://facebook.com/gethorizontal/photos/10154490664877652
Sebi: http://facebook.com/gethorizontal/photos/10154473570122652

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 28.07.2016

Siegerehrung: http://facebook.com/gethorizontal/videos/10154482480987652

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 28.07.2016

Dear all,

3 days after EYUC, finally some air to send the complete final standings and the finals action.

U17 women: Austria; ITA and COL tied for 2nd, NED in 3rd
No team under 10
U17 Men: Austria, followed by NED and IRL
No team under 9. In general, we were happy with the SOTG outcome, and especially with the "lessons learnt" by many teams during the week.

U17 women
AUT and GER went unbeaten through the pool, and i the direct match went 12:9 for GER. Easy semi wins for both. The final itself: a very well played and hard fought match between these top teams. Lots of class action, layouts etc. GER managed to get in the lead but never could pull away, so the match was open until the end. The last score was exemplary: a sprint by GER #12 Pauline Hocher (hope I got this right) culminating in a full frontal layout for gold.
So, AUT and GER dominating the division, FRA with a clear bronze. All other teams a bit behind.

U17 men
The final was FRA vs the suprise guests from COL, who had beaten the favorite GER in the semis. That match had been super hot, and also very spirited; just the last 3 scores saw several bad calls, frustration and subsequent revenge call. The question was: would both teams recover well f4rom this for sunday?
GER certainly did and played another super match vs BEL, winning only in universe. BEL had actually been up and was close to victory, but GER came back strong. It was GERs 3rd universe in the last 4 matches. This shows, how close the competition was And even outside the top4: GBR, ITA and SWE were not that far behind.

The final then saw an again very solid FRA team, making very few mistakes and playing disciplined. COL was moving quickly, beautiful cuts and fast passing, but also some unforced errors. FRA could capitalize on these, and eventually took gold at 14:7. So, the hot news: COL is NOT the European champion...
It would have felt strange to hand the Euro trophy to an American team, but it almost happened. The Euriopean junior representatives had voted in 2013 (EYUC Cologne) to invite non European teams for EYUC in those years where there is also a junior world championship WJUC. There were three reasons for this:
a) as EYUC is the only international U17 championship in the world, this is the only chance for non-european teams to play
b) it increases the competition level
c) it is unclear whether WFDF will take responsibility for U17, so we as EUF fill in

Moreover, the coaches had seen the positive vibes that COL brought to tournaments before (WJUC 2010 and '12) and were sympathetic about this.

Which brings us to the social side of EYUC. The local TOC, mainle team Gentle and the juniors&parents of Gentle torpedoes have brought us an amazingly sweet event. There was 3 meals a day, home cooked by the parents, of great quality food. A players village with the big circus tent, mainly used for sun protection. Outside, a really cool chill out zone, swings, deck chairs, music. And lots of little games and fun action, mainly set up by 5 ultimate and Get Horizontal.
What really added to the event was actually a subtraction: as we only had the U17 divisions and no U20, the U17 got the full attention. In the past, eg the U17 boys would in their spare time mainly watch U20 matches. The U17 teams were just "the little ones".
At Ghent, the U17 were THE stars. And the male and female teams of each nations supported each others as they were not distracted by U20. This lead to a very positive atmosphere. Some of it can be witnessed in pictures

First pictures by Get Horizontal, sorted by day: https://www.facebook.com/249162602651/photos/?tab=albums
GER junior blog:

Not sure how to handle this in the future; the divisions are steadily growing, and a full EYUC with all 4 divisions will be hard to handle. Adding up the numbers on those teams that played this EYUC, plus the European teams playing WJUC in Wroclaw next week, plus those newcomer teams that have approached EUF with a high interest to play next year brings us to a team number of arund 60. So the junior championship would be an event of the same size as eg EUC 2015 in Copenhagen. This is getting a bit much, as a yearly event. So the event cycle is under discussion. This started in 2015, was continued at Ghent and will be decided at the latest this september, after more discussion among the european reps at WJUC.

So last words: a HUGE thanks to Jelle and everyone at Ghent for giving us this great event. Also, compliments to all those team coaches and staff, investing so much time and honorary work in the kids. It became clear that there is a lot of work and not enough shoulders; so both on junior club level and junior national team level, the growth can not continue without more young and older adults helping and taking responsibility. We hope that some of you out there will decide to join the circus; we can promise you a very rewarding job!

Signing out,

Christoph Dehnhardt chdehnhardt /at/ yahoo.de +49 - 163 - 7596 - 764

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 26.07.2016

U17 M SWE-GER 5-12 Gruppenspiel http://youtube.com/watch?v=dCo1UeMVYK4
U17 W SWE-GER 3-15 http://youtube.com/watch?v=zJSE3Okor7I

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 26.07.2016

Schöne Bilder auf
Dort kann man den Sebi auch sehen .. der Lucas ist auch dort, spielt mit einem sog. Tyroteam für Tschechien (dürfen nicht um die Medaillen mitspielen)
Live-Ergebnisse unter http://eyuc2016.ultimatecentral.com/e/eyuc-2016/schedule/division/all
Sebi hat mit U17 Deutschland gerade 15:3 gegen Holland gewonnen, Lucas spielt mit Tschechien gerade gegen Frankreich.
Weitere Berichte unter

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 24.07.2016

Hello out there,

ungodly amounts of excitement here in Ghent yesterday, and too much work in the evening to write a day report (also too much fun!). Right now the first final (U17 Women is under way, so we only have time for a short round up for a day that would deserve many pages of writing.

U17 Women:
11:45 all teams played a last pool match. Most of the results were not crucially important, as many places were already set. The top 4 were AUT, FRA, GER and NED; GER and AUT unbeaten, meeting each others.
All 4 matches were relatively close. FRA had some troublesin the game vs GBR, but eventually took it by 2 points. SWE NED 11:7, ITA played a super match vs COL, but COL took it 11:8, congrats to both teams.

The top match was GER vs AUT, which GER took, thereby have the supposingly easier semi vs the not so large NED squad. But actually, both GER and AUT won their semis by a large margin.
Placements: 7th GBR, 10:7 vs ITA
5th COL, 12:10 vs SWE
3rd FRA, 15:1 over NED
Gold: match is under way

U17 Men

Fra beat NED, GER beat SWE by several points.
The hot matches were BEL 11:9 over ITA, COL 11:8 vs GBR. Congrats to all 4 teams for super hot action.
Super hot match ups in top4:
FRA vs BEL as a rematch of the opening game. uper hard fight, FRA slightly in the lead but Bel fighting well. The level of play has rising extremely frm day one to now,in all 19 teams here. This is somethng we see every year at EC, and it is a pure joy to watch. FRA had the better end and won 12:8
GER vs COL was expected to be a victory for GER, but COL got the first point, and then a break to go up 2:0. Then GER dropped pull, 3:0. BIG upset coming???
No, 4 straight points for GER, 4:3, then COL up by 1. Then more trading points in of of the best tacicts and play matches most coaches and specators had seen in several months, also super intense and very spirited.
But: at 10:10 some unnesessary calls happened, and eventually some players lost their temper. Long story short: 2 SOTG time outs and some unhappiness, but still a very good match wich eventually went: 12:11 COL. Colombia in the final, onla bronze medal match for GER. WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!
Play wise of course GER would also have deserved the win, but so does COL.

Lower pool:
CZE with 2 more wins, 9th place. IRL 11th, AUT 11th.

7th: SWE over NED
5th: ITA, 1th GBR
Bronze: another AMAZING show, the rematch of the 2015 final, BEL vs GER
Cazy shit, universe point, 13:12 for GER. HUGE compliments for both squads.

Update U17 Women Final: half time GER 7 : 4 AUT

Last night: the mot beautifaul players party right here in the village by the lake, DJ, live band, team games, coches thrown in the water, dancing, kissing, good vibes. A HUGE compliment to Jelle and the Gentle team for throwing this EYUC. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

Signing out, more work at the fields waiting for me. Hopefulla abbe to see the end of the final (us 2 EUF officials, Gerhard and I, are from Austria, resoective Germany, so obviously we would LOVE to see at least a bit of the final)


Christoph Dehnhardt chdehnhardt /at/ yahoo.de +49 - 163 - 7596 - 764

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 23.07.2016

Day 4 is now complete, so here are the U17 Men Seeding match results, leading to the quarters:

4vs5: NED got their first win, sending IRE to the lower pool.
4vs5: SWE decisively beat AUT, who also play for 9-11
3vs3: COL vs ITA: COL safely up 6:2, the 9:5. ITA fighting back all the way to universrse, but COL eventually winning 10:9
2vs2: BEL decisively beating GBR 12:5
1vs1: GER vs FRA top match to universe, 11:10

This leads to the following quarters:


Good night,


Christoph Dehnhardt chdehnhardt /at/ yahoo.de +49 - 163 - 7596 - 764
Bericht von DJ Debil vom 22.07.2016


roundup siehe unten. Aus Zeitgründen spare ich mir den Bericht mit deutscher Brille; vor allem findet man solchen sehr detailliert und bebildert beim DFV Schedule - EYUC 2016 - European Youth Ultimate Championships 2016 und im Juniors-Blog https://ultimatejunioren.wordpress.com



Christoph Dehnhardt chdehnhardt /at/ yahoo.de +49 - 163 - 7596 - 764

----- Weitergeleitete Message -----
Von: Christoph Dehnhardt <chdehnhardt /at/ yahoo.de>
An: Eurodisc Liste <eurodisc /at/ ira.uka.de>
Gesendet: 16:47 Freitag, 22.Juli 2016


Hi Europe,

I arrived at EYUC this 2am morning. Everyone asleep... but a very nice breakfast at the very sweet players' village. Some clouds, mild temperatures. but in the mean time, the sun came out: better stay in the shade and drink a lot.

U17 Women is still at pool play, round 6 right now, last roundtomorrow at 11:45. Semis and lower placemtnt in the afternoon.
AUT and GER are cruising, so there are 2 more spots available for the semis. SWE is playing tyro, thus can not get top4, ITA is still hoping for their first win. The four teams battling it out are FRA and NED (3 wins), and possibly also GBR and COL (1 win). It looks as though the top4 may be the same as in 2015 (NED, GER, FRA, AUT), but likely in differnt order.

The U17 Men pools are finished now. No major surprises in Pool B: FRA and BEL took 1st and second respectively. BEL revovered well from the opening match, look strong and now take on GBR in the seeding match; both will advance to quarters.
COL played extremely well, losing to dominant FRA by only 3 points and beating AUT today. 3rd place in the pool, seeding match vs ITA (also, both advance). The CZE team also played very beautiful ultimate. The team with very young pick up players from GER and BEL worked together beautifully and beat both AUT and today IRL by large margins, but as a tyro team go to the lower pool, as will the two 4vs5 crossover loosers. Here, IRL after beating only AUT take on NED, who came close to their first win today (10:13 vs SWE). The other crossover sees the SWE vs AUT.

Pool A was the more interesting: GBR and GER seemed dominant, but then ITA beat GBR this morning. As they had lost to SWE last night, it became a three way tie. This would have collapsed had NED beat SWE; but now, everything remains as expected: GER as 1st, then GBR, ITA, SWE and NED.

The seeding matches right now will decide the match ups for the quarters tomorrow. In the girls pool, unbeaten GER and AUT meet in what many expect to be the first leg of the final on sunday.

Tonight sees the trading night, and an assembly of European youth reps to discuss the future of the 4 youth divisions.

Looking forward to 2.5 more days of intense matches and spirit this weekend.There are already plenty of fans here and we expect to see more this week end. The camp site right by the fields and the lake) is awaiting you!


Full scores: Schedule - EYUC 2016 - European Youth Ultimate Championships 2016

Christoph Dehnhardt chdehnhardt /at/ yahoo.de +49 - 163 - 7596 - 764

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 22.07.2016

Sebi ist mit U17-Deutschland Gruppen-Erster, spielen heute Nachmittag gegen Frankreich, den anderen Gruppen-Ersten, die bisher auch alles ziemlich weggeputzt haben. Dürfte also spannend werden.

Lucas spielt mit Tschechien gerade gegen Irland - bisher haben die Tschechen einen Sieg und wenn das gegen Irland auch gelingt (aktuell sind sie 4:2 vorn), dann sind sie schon mal nicht unter den letzten 3. Allerdings sind die Tschechen aufgrund von Ausfällen nur noch 11 oder 12 - wird wohl auch noch spannend.

Die Punktestände kann man Live verfolgen unter

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 21.07.2016


ein fetter erster Tag aus deutscher Sicht. Beide Teams haben beide Spiele deutlich gewonnen, die Mädchen mit den Coaches Caro Tisson und Katharina Aschenbrenner sogar ein 15:0 gegen GBR geholt. Das gibt's nicht alle Tage.
Die Jungs haben heute ihre große Herausforderung, 16:45 gegen die ungeschlagenen Briten. Stefan Hörter, Christian Strippel und Thorben Hönschemeyer werden das Team sicher gut vorbereiten. Letztes Jahr haben sich diese beiden Teams ein super heißes Halbfinale geliefert, damals 13:9 für Team GER.
Die Mädchen spielen direkt daneben im Rematch des verlorenen 2015er Finales gegen NED. Wenn sie aber weiterhin so stark spielen, wird es erst Samstag früh gegen AUT richtig spannend.
Der DFV ist als einziger Verband noch ihne Niederlage. Weiter so, Kids!

Ich freu mich drauf dass alles ab morgen aus nächster Nähe beobachten zu können. Vielleicht kommt am Wochenende ja noch der eine oder andere Fan angereist, es lohnt sich bestimmt. Die wirklich heiße Action geht ja das gesamte Wochenende, da dieses mal die Finales und einige Platzierungsspiele erst am Sonntag sind, die Halbfinales Samstag Nachmittag. Und direkt neben den Feldern ist ein Campingplatz, auf dem bereits etliche Teams und Zuschauer zelten.

Schön' Gruß


Bericht von DJ Debil vom 21.07.2016

Hi there,

all teams got into action yesterday.

In the U17 women, most matches were lob sided. Only COL had two tight ones: 11:7 over GBR, then later losing to SWE by the same margin. thus far, it seems that AUT and GER are cruising.
Today should have some more closely contested matches, with SWE vs FRA, GBR vs NEDin the morning and COL vs FRA and GBR vs ITA in the afternoon.

U17 Men: in pool A, only 4 matches were played. It is all GBR and GER so far; those two meet today at 16:45, in what is likely to be the pool final.
Pool B with 6 teams had already 7 matches. BEL pulled together nicely after the somewhat disappointing 2nd half of the opening match, beating AUT and COL. The CZE tyro team got a solid beating from FRA, but kept their act together to beat AUT.
Today, FRA vs COL will be the top match here, and AUT vs IRL to get their first wins.

The time limit had been reduced to just 70 minutes and still subracting time outs and half time, due to the high number of matches per team and the need to protect those very young players from fatigue, especially in the hot weather conditions. Bear in mind, average age is just below 15. Surprisingly, still many matches went all the way to 15 points. This may change once the match ups get more even.

All matches to be followed on the tournament site. The scores are updates regularly, so almost live. There are no player stats, following a EUF decision not to do this, mainly as we do not believe in their significance, and also do not feel we should be creating heroes in a team sport.
The UC system is a bit more awkward to follow, as there are multiple filters you can set, and some of them are hiding in the top right corner. But once you get the hang, it is quite useful.

All the best,
Christoph Dehnhardt chdehnhardt /at/ yahoo.de +49 - 163 - 7596 - 764

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 21.07.2016

Schönes Video von der Eröffnung: http://youtube.com/watch?v=o0Ur8AMdFVM

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 20.07.2016


Bericht von DJ Debil vom 20.07.2016

Moin moin,

in Belgien geht's heiß her. heute sollen es wieder 35°C werden, und die U17er kommen ordentlich ins schwitzen.
Aktuell sind die Deustchen Jungs dran gegen Schweden. Leider klemmt gerade auf diesem Feld das Live scoring, also erstmal einfach Daumen drücken. Die Mädchen starten 11:45.
Auf den anderen Felder gibt es schon kleine Überraschungen: AUT Mädchen führen 6:2 gegen den Europameister NED, und SWE Jungs 3:1 gegen GBR. Alle scores sihe link unten. Einen Vorbericht auf http://frisbeesportverband.de/index.php/u17-ultimate-em-startet-in-gent
Sehr schön auch der Junioren-Blog mit Berichten und vielen schönen Bildern: Junioren Ultimate Nationalteams

Unten meine Eurodisc-Mail zum gleichen Thema. Ich habe das Turnier zwar vorbereitet, bin aber gar nicht selbst vor Ort, sondern reise erst Freitag an. Freu mich drauf,


Bericht von DJ Debil vom 20.07.2016

Hello Europe,

yesterday, the open EYUC 2016 kicked off in Ghent, Belgium. 19 teams paraded their flags through the beautiful downtown, enjoyed a boat ride to the fields (well known from the annual G-Spot tourney) and then saw the opening match between the vice champion Belgium vs their neighbors France, in the U17 open division. This division is now officially called "U17 Men", following a WFDF name change.
It was a tight match to 6-6, when France pulled away and took the game at 13-6.
Both teams play again at 11:45 today; FRA takes on CZE, and BEL vs AUT. Also in this pool: COL vs IRL. Yes, Colombia is competing in both divisions, after the European youth representatives were in favour of allowing non-European teams to participate in those years where there is also a U20 world championship; this is also the reason we speak of an "open EYUC". In the future, WFDF might also cater for the U17 divisions.

The other open pool starts today at 10am, with GBR vs SWE and NED taking on the champion GER. ITA has a bye.

The U17 girls (now officially "U17 Women") has grown to a veritable division size, with 8 teams competing in one round robin pool followed by play offs. At 10am today, the twice in a row champions NED take on AUT. This will be an exciting match, as NED has a new line up, AUT has always been a solid team. FRA is the favorite vs ITA, as is GER vs SWE at 11:45. At the same time we will see COL U17 girls for the first time in Europe, up against GBR, definitely an intersting one.

Due to the extreme heat in Ghent (!), today's schedule sees an extended 3 hour lunch break, so the teams can enjoy a swim in the lake next to the venue, chill at the 5 Ultimate area or rest in the shade. Again we expect temperatures of up to 35°C, before it hopefully cools down to 25°C tomorrow.

Follow the results at


EUF youth coordinator

Christoph Dehnhardt chdehnhardt /at/ yahoo.de +49 - 163 - 7596 - 764
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