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31.07.2016 World Junior Ultimate Championships in Breslau, PL   Turnierdaten und Spielerliste Turnierwebseite
U20 Open Deutschland belegte Platz 10 beim Ultimate
Gruppenspiele gegen Neuseeland und Polen gewonnen. Powerpool: Belgien geschlagen, gegen Österreich und Kolumbien verloren; Untere K.O.-Phase: Neuseeland, Frankreich geschlagen, Spiel um Platz 9 gegen Belgien verloren.
Restaurantbewertung vom Ibis Hotel am HBF: Sehr gutes Hotel
von Soul Malte
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Bericht von Soul Malte vom 25.11.2016


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4iJLmlskBE (Malte bei 2:50)

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 08.08.2016


Bericht von DJ Debil vom 08.08.2016

Infos unter
Livestream Donnerstag: http://youtube.com/watch?v=TUFMcXHNcTg
Livestream Freitag: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2KgvDIHDbhk

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 08.08.2016

NZL U20 Men's - GER U20 Men's 14 - 15 Game play
GER U20 Men's - POL U20 Men's 15 - 5 Game play
GER U20 Men's - BEL U20 Men's 15 - 11 Game play
AUT U20 Men's - GER U20 Men's 15 - 13 Game play
GER U20 Men's - COL U20 Men's 11 - 12 Game play
NZL U20 Men's - GER U20 Men's 12 - 15 Game play
FRA U20 Men's - GER U20 Men's 10 - 15 Game play
GER U20 Men's - BEL U20 Men's 12 - 15 Game play

IRL U20 Women's - GER U20 Women's 4 - 15 Game play
GER U20 Women's - AUS U20 Women's 15 - 9 Game play
CAN U20 Women's - GER U20 Women's 15 - 3 Game play
GER U20 Women's - CZE U20 Women's 14 - 13 Game play
GER U20 Women's - FRA U20 Women's 11 - 15 Game play
NED U20 Women's - GER U20 Women's 15 - 14 Game play
AUT U20 Women's - GER U20 Women's 8 - 15 Game play
USA U20 Women's - GER U20 Women's 15 - 0 Game play
GER U20 Women's - NZL U20 Women's 14 - 15 Game play
SUI U20 Women's - GER U20 Women's 12 - 14 Game play

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 05.08.2016

Today’s URL for the WJUC 2016 live stream in Wroclaw is

The game currently live is ITA U20 Men's - IRL U20 Men’s. Find the other games at http://wjuc2016.ultimatecentral.com/p/live-streaming-schedule-050816-friday

9:00 ITA vs IRL Men's
11:00 CAN vs COL Women's
13:00 CAN vs AUT Men's
15:00 Game for the 5th (Men's)
17:00 Game for the 3rd (Women's)
19:00 Game for the 3rd (Men’s)

Check out http://wjuc2016.ultimate-scores.com to watch the live scores of other games and to find out, who will be playing in the games at 15:00 and later.


Bericht von DJ Debil vom 04.08.2016



the full live stream schedule is up:

1pm (now) Men GBR vs JAP
3pm Women AUT vs ITA (middle bracket)
5pm Women FRA vs COL (1/8 final)

11am Women semi
1pm Men semi
3pm Men 5th place
5pm Women bronze
7pm Men bronze

11am Women gold
1pm Men gold

Right now, the Men quarters: USA leads COL, and CAN is up vs ITA.

Big surprise on the live stream match: GBR is leading JAP 8:4!
IRL vs AUT is the Euro battle, currently AUT up 8:7
So if GBR win, 2 Eurpean teams get to the Mens semis!

Women at 3pm:


All at 5 pm. You can watch live to see if FRA takes the small chance they have against strong COL women.

The tournament website now has links to the facebook site and to the live stream channel. Also, you can now see the brackets in good visual format in the "scores" section.

Sunshine, nice and warm, light wind. 100 players from all the world. Spirits are up, here in Wroclaw

Christoph Dehnhardt chdehnhardt /at/ yahoo.de +49 - 163 - 7596 - 764

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 04.08.2016

This morning Unikatowi.pl started to stream the games at field 5 live via YouTube. For the current game the link is

Currently Poland is playing Switzerland (U 20 men).

Unikatowi.pl says this link will stay the same for today and tomorrow and change for the finals on Saturday. The new link will be published on the WJUC Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can find the schedule for the stream if you check the schedule at the live scoring page http://wjuc2016.ultimate-scores.com and look for field #5. Next up at 11 a.m. local time JPN U20 Women’s - NZL U20 Women’s. and at 1 p.m. the GBR U20 Men’s - JPN U20 Men’s quarter finals.


Bericht von DJ Debil vom 03.08.2016

Hi out there,

still here at home at my desk, travelling to Wroclaw tomorrow. Live scores tell a lot, though!

In U20 Women, all pools matches ended tonight. No major surprises, but some minor ones. USA, CAN and COL are cruising. In pool A, newcomer Slovakia SVK tonight had a chance to pass by Russia into 3rd place, but lost closely, 10:14.
In pool B, after GER also CZE could beat AUS; Aussies in the lower pools now.
Pool C: SUI beat JPN, but both go up, along with COL, to meet USA NZL and RUS in the power pool. The hosts, POL, are still waiting for their first win; they got very close already twice, vs SUI and GBR. They now get a chance in the lower pool vs FIN, AUS and SLO.
As projected, most excitement happened in pool D with the top3 from EYUC2015 plus the twice in a row U17 champions NED, and Slovenia SLO as newcomer. The latter had to bow to Euro champion AUT only in universe and today beat vice champion ITA. NED took the crown in the pool unbeaten, and move to the power pool with FRA and AUT, to meet CAN, GER and CZE.

The power pools will be played wed and early thur, before play offs start thur afternoon.

U20 Men

The top4 CAN, USA, GER and ITA won their pools. Germany struggled vs NZL, who had lost the opening match to POL, and had to fight their way back into universe, whcih was then won. In pool H, GBR and TPE (Taiwan) could pass by ISR, to go up. Excitement in pool F: IRL beat the favourite FRA 15:10, but both go up. IRE now only needs to be TPE to move to quarters.

The 2nd round pools are already under way, first matches played today, rest tomorrow. CAN vs JAP and COL vs GER are two attractive top level matches in the Men's division tomorrow, as is USA vs COL in Women's.

Looking at the stats tells us that the match quality has incresed immensely throughout the first 2 days, as expected. For thursday, friday and sturday, there are rumors of live stream to happen. Lets hope this isn't just rumors! Well actually, I'll be on site those days, better than live stream... Hope to see some of ya out there,


Bericht von DJ Debil vom 01.08.2016

hello everyone,

most importantly: the live score link
Right now the 9am games are played, the first one is already finished: IRL U20 Men beat ESP quite decisively. ESP is one of the few teams that plays with several women in the men (aka open) division.
Overall, most results look very much like expected: the favorites win lob sided, BUT play seems shakey, tons of turnovers in most games. Typical for first matches at a junior event. We can be sure that by tomorrow afternoon, teams will have gelled, so we can expect to see very good quality ultimate then. In fact, you often see at the same time more structure and disciplin in the offense than in adults, and spectalular action.

The opening match stats look as though it was extremely attractive game; very vlose (15:13, after 14:13 so almost universe) and much fewer turnovers (only 8 in the 14 points of 2nd half).
The hosts from POL took the win, which should leave all the local spectators and staff in party mood. Both meet GER today. With the play format, most likely POL will now play for 1-20th, New Zealand for 13-29th. Unless of course NZL pulls off a victory vs GER at 11am today.


Fun fact: Wroclaw (pronounce: Vrots-Love) is also the European capital of culture 2016; so beyond ultimate, lots more excitement.

Christoph Dehnhardt chdehnhardt /at/ yahoo.de +49 - 163 - 7596 - 764

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 31.07.2016

Bilder und Videos unter http://facebook.com/NKolakovic%20

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 31.07.2016

hi everyone,

just a few hours until lift off for WJUC 2016 in Wroclaw, Poland. 49 U20 teams from around the world compete in 2 division, U20 women and men.

(for the english speakers: pronounced Vrots-Love; if you are able to roll the r mediterranean style, you got it!)
is already quite known in the European Ultimate scene: hosts to EYUC 2011 and EUCF 2015, and of course the worlg games 2017.
It is a city of some 700.000 people, a city league with 8 teams playing, the most prominent is FLOW, who participated in EUCF mixed 2014 and also will in 2016.
The town was founded by Bohemian kings, then was Polish through most of history, then German for some 200 years under the name of Breslau, and again Polish since 1946. Now very vibrant, a hub of the Polish economic boom.

Today at 17:00h we see the opening match of the home team, Poland U17 Men, vs. New Zealand. That should be exciting, there is no clear favorite. It is already the most important match of the week for both, as the only other team in group is the European powerhouse Germany, who are expected to win the pool. Only one more team goes up.

In the 8 pools at stage 1, CAN, USA, GER, ITA and COL are expected to win their pools. Pools F, G and H seem a little less clear. But with only 3 or 4 teams per pool played mon and early tue, the tournament will move to stage 2, so power pools and placement pools very early.
Other battles for 2nd pool place may include AUS vs BEL and CZE vs RUS.

In U20 women, 4 pools of 5 teams, and even more excitement as 3 teams in each go up. In pools A-C, USA, CAN and COL are expected to win. In pool A we expect Russia and New Zealand to do well, but FIN and SVK (Slovakia) certainly have a chance.
In pool B GER is the 2nd seed but may be surpassed by AUS. But again, CZE and IRL may play a significant role. In pool C, JPN, GBR, SUI and hosts POL battle it out.
The real killer is pool D. 100% European, but assembling the elite: AUT, ITA and FRA finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the EYUC 2015. NED has mainly those players who won gold in the past 2 years in U17. So we will see hot action here! 5th seed in this pool are the newcomers from SLO (Slovenia), who are rumored to have prepared intensely.

The full schedule, pools and format can be found at

I have not yet found a link to live scores, but I am confident that WFDF will set this up in time, if they have not done this already.
I myself will only go to Wroclaw thu-fri so I also depend on score reporting. If any one wants to go spontaneously: accomodation is easy. There are plenty of hostels, but by far the easiest is the public campsite right right next to pitches 1-12. You can watch the matches from your tent or rent a little bungalow. Cheap, but unrenovated in the past 50 years :-)



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