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09.05.2015 Missuldisc - Como Lake Tournament in Gera Lario, IT   Turnierdaten und Spielerliste Turnierwebseite
UltimateAmSee belegte Platz 5 beim Ultimate
super Turnier ... will immer wieder hin :)
Restaurantbewertung vom Essen vom Veranstalter: nix berühmtes, aber war ok
von DJ Debil
Wegwerfgesellschaft belegte Platz 6 beim Ultimate
von DJ Debil
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Bericht von DJ Debil vom 31.05.2015

Schönes Video vom Turnier: http://youtu.be/AoN2on_xBmY
Video vom Beerace: http://facebook.com/rossini.valentina/videos/o.1577297029179727/10206857831311145

Bilder von Ferdinand Kraus (UltimateAmSee): http://picasaweb.google.com/112856473686147472019/GeraLario15?authkey=Gv1sRgCK75kbOz4YrUGQ
Bilder von Rupert Prechtl (Wegwerfgesellschaft): http://dropbox.com/sh/50b6mond4zxlhw5/AAB9nveVkqRB_EJYnQYvm9DRa
Bilder von Alberto Lucchetta (Wegwerfgesellschaft) mit UltimateAmSee-Spielern: http://dropbox.com/sh/grkg6j5exn1tonu/AAAh4SHKR4Caveev6zTaoysua
Weitere Bilder von Alberto Lucchetta (Wegwerfgesellschaft): http://dropbox.com/sh/gzgl1q9prz5ldym/AABYinxNGtDmn8GzQkVoE9E1a
Bilder von Discobolo: http://facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.833547106719472.1073741877.424112997662887
Bilder von GH Quentin DPLT, Teil 1: http://facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153402160717652.1073741888.249162602651
Bilder von GH Quentin DPLT, Teil 2: http://facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1587884851478080.1073741837.1567861316813767
Bilder von Matteo Spillo Balestrini: http://facebook.com/matteo.s.balestrini/media_set?set=a.10207230691393859.1073741830.1481030971
Bilder von Swann Delamare Frelin: http://facebook.com/media/set/?set=pcb.1612233049019458
Bilder von Eva Maxson: http://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-4Rv65Or-f-fjY1ZG9uWDJTVUZXbkdDU3ZXZk1TSWU3b2V0blpRU21sRzR6QzVvdHRXY1U

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 13.05.2015

Info von Missuldisc von https://www.facebook.com/events/1577297029179727/1612045839038179:

Missuldisc 2015 was such a blast that we are still recovering.
Missuldisc hangover is the strongest kind of hangover!

Here are the complete results. Photos and report to come soon.

Spirit of the game: Team Sudsee (3rd Spirit at Missuldisc: congrats guys!)

1 - Bubba (Brescia) (2nd Missuldisc in a row, will they be able to threepeat?!)
2 - Ninjas des Bruxelles (Bruxelles) (Joe Fresna is still waiting for the trophy, we know he'll be back hungrier and stronger)
3 - Maggio del Male (Parma)
4 - Disconnection (Freiburg)
5 - Ultimate am See (Wessling)
6 - Wegwerfgesellschaft (Munich)
7 - Discobolo (Bologna)
8 - BeeFree (Torino)
9 - Team Sudsee (Konstanz)
10 - Fly down (Como)
11 - TRX (Aix en Province)
12 - XLR8RS (Bruxelles)
13 - Flying Bretzel (Strasbourg)
14 - Double D (Milano)
15 - Gentle (Gent)
16 - Nicosia (Cyprus)

Farthest coming team: Nicosia
Best party performer: Joe Fresna (Ninjas)
Best costume: Rose
Best team costume: XLR8RS (Kim Jong Un and North Korean guards)

About the party and theme prizes: it was so difficult to choose one team over the others because this year you competed all very hard.

Onorable mentions:

TRX: Chinese Dragon
Wegwerfgesellschaft: Chinese Dragon
Ultimate am See: Shaolin Monks
Beefree: Holly e Benjy (Capitan Tsubasa) jerseys for the whole tournament!
Bubba: Stall in Uan (Fake chinese ultimate gear company. They even made the fake website: http://gabrielino.wix.com/stallinuan)

Thank you all for coming and making this year's edition so special!



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