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08.08.2011 European Youth Ultimate Championships in Wroclaw - Breslau, DE   Turnierdaten und Spielerliste Turnierwebseite
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Bericht von DJ Debil vom 08.09.2011

Berichte und Interviews:


Bericht von DJ Debil vom 29.08.2011

Video von mellowyellowdanni:

Videos von FrisbeeSweden:
U17 Open Swe Ger 6-15: http://youtube.com/watch?v=FSiwmsmKq0I
U17 Open Swe Gbr 5-13:http://youtube.com/watch?v=gB34zAcpLUg
U20 Open Swe CZK 12-13: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvFQg_AZAo4
U20 Open Swe Fra 10-13: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl3RAtP6hfU
U20 Open Swe Gbr 12-17: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1MDLjAIJ4Y
U20 Open Swe Ger 11-17: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB0o-5rlk2g
U20 Woman Match3 Swe-Gbr 17-11: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46dcXAYbmlE
U20 Woman Semi Swe Ita 6-17: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zul2yCINh6Q
U20 Woman Swe Ger 9-17: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrCTfwIXm2s

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 20.08.2011

Bilder von Quentin Dupré:

Bilder von Monika Wyrwa?:

Bilder von Boru:

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 20.08.2011


after a great week at EYUC (and now a week back at work), it is time to announce the final results on this forum. All scores can be found here http://eyuc2011.frisbee.pl/
the spirit scores here

Of course, after a week with 800 people, first let me say a HUGE "Thank You" to the organizers Dulu, Marcin, Adam, Ola, Darek, Kasia, 20 more people, and all the staff workers. They put in maaaaany hours of volunteer work, thanks!
Wroclaw only stepped in as hosts in the last minute, after the original bid collapsed. So they had very little time to pull it off, also little experience with international championships, and next to no support from the european federation. In consequence, some details were a bit shaky on day 1 and 2, but everything went extremely well on the whole. An incredible piece of work!

In the last matches, the big surprise was that the expected GB ultimate dominance was challenged by many nations, so some upsets happened. GB and Germany were setting standards in the U17, but in junior U20, Italy, Austria and Sweden also were successful. Germany, with 2 Gold and 2 Silver, had the largest harvest. The biggest success however was the participation of 32 teams, seeing several teams that have never competed before. Junior Ultimate is definitely on the rise!

So, here goes:

U17 girls:

Spirit: Finland
Gold: GB
Silver: Germany
Bronze: Finland

U17 boys:

Spirit: Germany
Gold: Germany
Silver: GB
Bronze: France

Junior Women (U20)

Spirit: CZ
Gold: Italy
Silver: Germany
Bronze: Sweden

Junior Open (U20)

Spirit: Belgium
Gold: Germany
Silver: Austria
Bronze: Italy

Off to WCBU now, from Juniors to Grandmasters,

Germany #96

Christoph Dehnhardt  <phi91ebx /at/ web.de>  +49 - 341 - 5901880

Bericht von UaS Olly vom 16.08.2011

Junior Open
9.8. / Israel - Germany 2 - 17
9.8. / Europe* - Germany 1 - 17
10.8. / Austria - Germany 10 - 17
10.8. / Germany - Poland 17 - 1
11.8. / Germany - Sweden 17 - 11
11.8. / Germany - France 17 - 5
12.8. / Viertelfinale: Germany - Belgium 17 - 7
12.8. / Halbfinale: Germany - Italy 17 - 5
13.8. / Finale: Germany - Austria 17 - 10
Deutschland damit EUROPAMEISTER :-)

U17 Open
9.8. / Italy - Germany 5 - 15
9.8. / Sweden - Germany 6 - 15
10.8. / Germany - Czech Republic 14 - 6
10.8. / Israel - Germany 7 - 15
11.8. / Germany - France 12 - 5
11.8. / Germany - Great Britain 12 - 4
12.8. Halbfinale: Germany - Sweden 15 - 7
12.8. / Finale: Germany - Great Britain 15 - 6
Deutschland damit EUROPAMEISTER :-)

Junior Women
9.8. / Germany - Czech Republic  17 - 5
10.8. / Germany - Poland 17 - 1
10.8. / Sweden - Germany 9 - 17
11.8. / Ireland - Germany 0 - 17
12.8. / Halbfinale: Germany - Great Britain 13 - 4
13.8. / 13:00 / Finale: Germany - Italy 12 - 16
Deutschland damit VIZE-EUROPAMEISTER :-)

U17 Girls
11.8. / Finland - Germany 2 - 15
11.8. / Finland - Great Britain 15 - 2
12.8. / Germany - Great Britain 8 - 13
12.8. / Halbfinale: Germany - Finland 15 - 3
12.8. / Finale: Germany - Great Britain 5 - 9
Deutschland damit VIZE-EUROPAMEISTER :-)

Jr Women/U17 Girls
Warm-Up Games
9.8. / Great Britain U17 - Germany 5 - 15
9.8. / Germany U17 - Israel* 4 - 9
9.8. / Germany U17 - Italy  3 - 15
10.8. / Great Britain - Germany U17  12 - 1
10.8. / France - Germany U17 6 - 12

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 11.08.2011

hier sieht alles nach einem extrem deutschen Finaltag am Samstag aus. Morgen haben alle 4 Teams machbare Halbfinale, Die U20 open muss vorher noch ins 4telfinale, das ist aber kein Problem.

Also, macht Euch mal Gedanken über einen Kurztrip nach Wroclaw/Breslau (nein, diesen Namen zu benutzen ist NICHT revanchistisch!), Ihr bekommt Ultimate vom feinsten geboten. Die deutschen U20 Women haben heute nur kurz gegen Irland gespielt (17:0), jetzt machen sie eine von den Ausrichtern geführte Fahrradtour durch die Stadt.

All denen, die es nicht hierher schaffen, sei http://eyuc2011.frisbee.pl empfohlen.


Christoph Dehnhardt  <phi91ebx /at/ web.de>  +49 - 341 - 5901880

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 11.08.2011


day 4 is still underway. The tournament has really picked up with speed, there are plenty extremely hot matches. I copy tomorrows newsletter in, which doesn't cover the whole day yet. Need to run to showcase game (Junior open Italy vs. Germany) and then run the Coaches and Staff matches.

800 people are celebrating a huge event, on perfect premises. Don't miss it again!

(Almost) live scoring: http://eyuc2011.frisbee.pl

Day 4 – EYUC turns hot!

After increasingly exciting and tight Games, today will bring even more match-ups at eye level with the Semifinal rounds starting in the U20 Divisions and the U17 open Final tonight!
Junior Women:
After an intense Game yesterday against Sweden, Germanys U20 finished 1st in their Pool playing against Ireland in the morning. The Irish showed great Spirit throughout the entire game – making this a fun game to watch. In the B Pool, Italy took 1st place, winning against Israel, looking at a match against Sweden in the semifinals today. The 2nd semifinal will be Germany going against GB.

Junior Open:
Playing against GB, Ireland decided to play Huck & D after Halftime – but couldn’t stop the GB’s offense force from winning comfortably. Same as for the U20 women : the Irish showed great Heart and Spirit throughout the entire game. Sweden and Germany put on an intense match in almost perfect conditions in the Olympic Stadium, which will also be used for finals. Some stunning layouts, grabs and long throws made that a fun game to watch!! In the end Germany took the match home winning 17-11.

U17 women:
In the U17 womens division Finland finally took on Germany in their first Game of the U17 womens Division. Germany handled the strong winds a little better, handling the disc safe home and pulling out some nice long throws. GB’s U17 continued to play at U20 level – winning against the U20 Poland and beating the U17 Finish Girls in their first Round of Games. Today will be the long awaited match at eye-level: GB against Germany.

U17 Open:
GB won comfortably against the Czech Team. During GBs second match, and very windy conditions, Germany controlled the Points up- as well as downwind, putting an end to the game at 12-4.

Christoph Dehnhardt  <phi91ebx /at/ web.de>  +49 - 341 - 5901880

Bericht von DJ Debil vom 11.08.2011


nach dem zweiten vollen Tag immer noch alles in Butter, die deutschen Teams ungeschlagen, selbst die sehr starken Schwedinnen konnten bei den U20 Women auf beeindruckende Weise hinter sich gelassen werden.

Alle Ergebnisse und Stats online unter:

Wir spielen hier auf einer Anlage, die neidisch macht. Jede Menge super Felder. Vielleicht gibt's ja auch noch Fotos auf den Blogs.

Do widzenia,


Hello outside world,

I am sitting in the EYUC office, finishing tomorrows newsletter. I will copy in the write up.

32 teams are competing in 4 divisions (U20 and U17, both women and open) for the European title. We are playing on the amazing Pole Marsowe, the huge field outside the stadium and in the stadium itself. Conditions are extremely good, the fields are superb, so is the accomodation.

Pool play is coming to an end tomorrow, and GB, Germany, Italy, and Sweden are looking strong in their divisions, but also other nations like the Czech republic, France, Belgium Israel and others are having their moments.

You can see the full results and statistics at

There certainly are various blogs informing about the action. We are looking forward to seeing many hard fought matches in the playoff stage. Finals are friday (U17 open) and saturday. The city is definitely worth a trip, the social event on the main square is scheduled for friday. All the best from Poland, one of the up and coming ultimate nations!

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Christoph Dehnhardt  <phi91ebx /at/ web.de>  +49 - 341 - 5901880

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